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According to Dr David Grimes -

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" Before the Covid-19 pandemic started a great deal was known about the importance of vitamin D in defensive immunity, but the knowledge was not widespread...

In the early 20th century the identification of rickets led to the recognition of vitamin D in the metabolism of bones. At about the same time it was realised that rickets and tuberculosis co-existed in families more frequently than would be expected by chance. It was observed that UV light could heal tuberculosis of the skin, and later that sunlight could improve the outcome of  systemic tuberculosis. At this time in the first half of the 20th century the science of immunology had not been established.

The process of the immune reaction to infection became understood in the late 20th century. B- and T-lymphocytes had  been identified, controlling antibody production and tissue immunity respectively. It became clear that they need to be activated from their resting state by vitamin D...

The Covid-19 pandemic

At the beginning of 2020 there was great deal of understanding about the potential of vitamin D at a time of infection, but in our world in which health is far better than it has ever been, there have not been the opportunities to put vitamin D to the test. It had been considered that vitamin D would have a powerful preventative action against uncommon or new infections, but a clinical trial would involve enormous numbers of people and a long time-scale. A further problem was funding, as vitamin D being natural, it cannot be patented and it is of very little commercial value...


The impact of the pandemic of Covid-19 in the UK was during the latter part of March 2020. The peak of deaths was in early April, but after mid-April the deaths per day declined, as did did the number of cases each day.

The phase of decline coincided with the time of the Spring equinox, after which the inclination of the sun (at 50 degrees north of the equator), enables the onset of vitamin D production by the action of the sun on the skin. It reaches a maximum at the summer solstice. The improvement in immunity following an increase in vitamin D production explains the decline of Covid-19 (and other illnesses) during the summer, and then the decrease of vitamin D production in September would explain the increase in cases during that month. This pattern was seen throughout Europe...

Studies that have appeared suggest not just that vitamin D is very important in the escalation of defensive immunity in response to infection, but also that the blood level of vitamin D is a good surrogate for the measure of immunity...

We must act on the best evidence available."

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 "There are now 18 studies that demonstrate the high risk of critical or fatal Covid-19 in people with low blood levels of vitamin D, or the benefits of supplement. But they are still being ignored by officialdom. Why is this? Why are people still dying when they might not have done? Read about the new reports" ~ External link opens in new tab or windowfrom Santander and Heidelberg.

Article in the Royal Society {since it is currently mid-winter, it may be assumed that most people are deficient} - Extract " Adults likely to be deficient should consider taking a higher dose, e.g. 4000 IU/day for the first four weeks before reducing to 800 IU–1000 IU/day. People admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 should have their vitamin D status checked and/or supplemented and consideration should be given to testing high-dose calcifediol in the RECOVERY trial. We feel this should be pursued with great urgency. External link opens in new tab or windowClick for article ~ Royal Society Publications

Article in the BMJ - Extract - "Geisler noted that "When a T cell is exposed to a foreign pathogen, it extends a signalling device or 'antenna' known as a vitamin D receptor, with which it searches for vitamin D,", and if there is an inadequate vitamin D level, "they won't even begin to mobilize." In other words, adequate vitamin D is critically important for the activation of T-cells from their inactive naïve state. The question of whether T-cells might also need a continuing supply of vitamin D to prevent the T-cell exhaustion and apoptosis observed in some serious COVID-19 cases [9] deserves further research.

High levels of vitamin D are also critical for first line immune defences including physical mucosal defences, human antiviral production, modulating cytokines, reducing blood clotting and a whole host of other important immune system functions [10]. The obese, diabetics and people of BAME origin are far more deficient in vitamin D and men have lower levels than women [10]." ...

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Excess deaths from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Doctors during the Covid-19 Pandemic - "The link between skin colour and Covid-19 deaths in the UK is deficiency of vitamin D. Melanin in the skin is a superb sun-shield that blocks 80% or more of the UV light that is incident upon the skin. Vitamin D is produced from the action of UV on 7-dehydrocholesterol which is synthesised within the skin, and this process is reduced by the presence of melanin. UV is diminished not only by absorption by melanin, but also by distance from the equator, the low elevation of the sun in the winter, extensive skin cover by clothes, indoor work, indoor leisure, and sun-avoiding behaviour including excessive use of sunscreens."

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18th January 2021 -  "The message is clear. If we want to bring this pandemic to an end we must optimise defensive immunity. To achieve this we must correct widespread vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D 4,000 units daily is safe and will be appropriate for prevention in most people. If there is a sense of urgency, if a person is ill with Covid-19 respiratory disease, then it is necessary to follow the protocol used Andalucia and use Calcifediol."

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In a personal communication, David C Anderson MD MSc FRCP FRCPE FRCPath

Retired Physician and Former Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology

in Manchester and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, writes -

"It is surely now bordering on criminal negligence to continue with the present policy of ignoring the role of Vitamin D deficiency and its correction in fighting this pandemic? It is a solution that in all probability would render a vaccine unnecessary, as is the case with four less severe forms of Coronavirus that cause a ‘common cold’. Indeed it seems likely that getting the message out by mailshots and social media and via the British Association of Physicians of Asian Indian Origin (BAPIO), was a factor in halting deaths among Asian and African doctors (a group that accounted for 31 of the first 33 deaths among UK medical practitioners.)

I therefore... urge the Government to stop penalising people for being young and/or healthy, and direct efforts to ensure that those at special risk of Vitamin D-deficiency are given D-supplements in doses well above the paltry 400IU daily reluctantly recommended by NHS England. It is time to recognise that many local actions need to draw 25(OH)D3 from the same blood pool as the greedy endocrine calcium-control system. So 4,000IU daily, which is accepted by all to be 100% safe, is nearer the mark. Options, discussed in our book, would cost as little as £8 per person per year, allow a rapid return to normal life, and save trillions of pounds and much misery and death. And by setting an example to the rest of the world British Medicine might be able to hold its head high again."


According to David C Anderson MD MSc FRCP FRCPath,

"This is the time of year when those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, and/or avoid sunshine (or use sunblock) will be maximally Vitamin D Deficient. The active form (!,25OH2D3), under direction from the parathyroid glands controls calcium absorption, and circulating ionised calcium levels. This vital whole-body hormonal role, however, is not its only one; there are many others, including your immune system that operate below the radar, and they are especially vulnerable to D-deficiency. Many viruses, including Covid-19 'know' this, and will exploit the consequent weakness of the immune system..."   

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Letter to The Times (unpublished) ~



"The NHS-recommended dose of Vitamin D3 of 10 mcg (400IU) daily is based solely on the endocrine role of 1,25(OH)D3 in the absorption of calcium and the prevention of rickets. 1,000IU daily, as recommended by Professor Griffin and colleagues (Oct 6) obviously offers more reserve for its role in immune defence and escalation of response when serious infection strikes. But what reserve is necessary? We know from several observational studies that if the blood level falls below 10ng/ml (25nmol/L) critical disease and/or death from Covid-19 is likely, while above 30ng/ml (75nmol/L) they are most unlikely. What matters most is to maintain a good blood 25(OH)D3 reserve.

In many functions of vitamin D, the activated form, 1,25(OH)D3, produced locally binds to VDR (the vitamin D receptor) to form a heterodimer with vitamin A-activated (RXR), for a joint response. NHS guidelines acknowledge the role of vitamin A in immunity, and recommend up to 700 mcg daily, yet make no mention of Vitamin D. This neglect seems to reflect a general wish to play down the role of global vitamin D deficiency in Covid-19.

On the equimolar basis in which they act, 10mcg of vitamin D equates to a mere 13.4 mcg of Vitamin A. In our book (Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 - its central role in the world pandemic, ISBN 9780956213273), we review the case dismissively referred to by Martineau and Joliffe as off-chance’ (Oct 9), and advocate 100 mcg (4,000IU) daily or 2.5 mg a month, to ensure decent blood levels of the common reserve pool of vitamin D for all its functions, including front-line immune defence, and not just the most obvious and greedy endocrine one.

And what does Martineau mean by ‘definite evidence’? Evidence is evidence, to which it is the prerogative of anyone to turn a blind eye."

David C Anderson, Retired Physician, & Professor of Medicine & Endocrinology, Manchester and Hong Kong & David S Grimes, Retired Physician and Gastroenterologist, East Lancashire Trust.


By David C Anderson -

"Of NICE, MICE, MINISTERS and MEN I was pleased to see that The Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, has at last let in a chink of light over using Vitamin D to help protect against Covid-19. I suspect Boris may have given him the copy I sent of David Grimes’ and my book, which arrived in No 10 Downing Street by recorded delivery at 5.04 am on September 27th. However I have not seen any mention of dose, so I presume he means the inadequate 400 IU daily, stubbornly insisted on by NICE (the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE). As Honorary President of its sister Murine Institute (MICE), I thought our small furry friends might be called upon to provide help. After all they are mammals, which Institutes aren’t.

So the other day I did a human literature search and found a highly informative paper by Mallya, SM et al (2016) Endocrine Research 41,290-299, on Vitamin D in our small furry friends who, you will recall, are the default lab research models for human ailments and their correction. (And where things go wrong they don’t sue you). I believe the International Units of Vitamin D were chosen according to what will prevent a newborn mouse from getting rickets, a disease NICE is obsessed with to the exclusion of all else. So here are the calculations for you to pass on to any NICE people you know...

Average weight of adult Lab mouse.................................30g

Recommended daily intake (RDI) for above Lab mouse.... 3g/day

Vitamin D RDI for said Lab mouse.................................  3IU/day

Blood D level of above Lab mouse.................................. 30ng/ml*

Hypothetical weight of a human Mouse-Lab technician..... 60Kg


Recommended intake of Vitamin D for a 60Kg mouse.....  6000IU/day

(By strange coincidence this is precisely the amount Dr Anthony (‘Mousy’) Fauci, Director of the US Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, admits he takes each day!) And it is roughly what I take...

In Strong contrast... 

NICE Vitamin D RDI for 60Kg Mouse-Lab technician....... 400IU/day

But there is yet more evidence in this paper...

Blood D level of lab mouse fed diet with 5% RDI of D3..... 10.5ng/ml*

Blood D of above NICE-advised Mouse-Lab technician....  >10ng/ml

David Grimes and myself {David C Anderson}, in our book, recommend all adults take  4,000 IU per day, or 100,000IU of Vitamin D3 per month. This is less than Dr Fauci dose, also quite safely, but would bring the Covid Lockdown Pandemic and the Vaccine Plandemic to an abrupt end, and return Covid-19 to where it stands in the D-replete, namely a nasty cold. It would also provide all the other health benefits that Big Pharma and Billinda Gates fear will hit their inflated profits. And you won’t need a vaccine." -

by kind permission of David C Anderson.

 The following is extracted from the book 'Vitamin D deficiency and Covid19 - Its central role in the global pandemic' © David C Anderson and David S Grimes, 2020 Published by Tennison Publishing All rights of this book may be reproduced, adapted, stored in a retrieval system by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise without the prior permission of the author. The rights of David C Anderson and David S Grimes to be identified as the authors of this work have been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 A CIP catalogue is available from the British Library ISBN 978-0-9562132-8-0 (ePub) ISBN 978-0-9562132-9-7 (Mobi)

Please read this most thought provoking work, which I would love too see performed on television. Click here ~ External link opens in new tab or windowI had a Dream by David Grimes

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In case you are wondering how much D the body produces in the summertime - "our skin produces more than 10,000 IU vitamin D with just 30 minutes summer sun exposure in a bathing suit (without sunscreen)." External link opens in new tab or windowClick for Source ~ Vitamin D from the sun

More to D deficiency than lack of immunity - External link opens in new tab or windowInformative video by Dr Alex Vasquez

Update 14th Feb 2021 - MP David Davis last night called for the therapy to be rolled out in hospitals, saying it was an "important study". External link opens in new tab or windowClick for article in The Sun

Update 16th Feb 2021 - Blog by Dr David Grimes regarding 'The Barcelona study of the use of Calcifediol in the treatment of Covid-19 pneumonia: External link opens in new tab or window74% efficacy in the need for transfer to ICU - 68% efficacy in reduction of deaths.

 PETITION TO FUND Vitamin D Public Health Campaign - Click for info' ~ External link opens in new tab or windowA targeted public health campaign is urgently required to give an informed choice and to alert the at risk groups of Vitamin D deficiency.


The following link is not related to Vitamin D3. However, it is important that you should be aware of the contents because, directly or indirectly, it affects you.

This link below is to an 'open letter' regarding public health strategies. The subject matter is of the most commonly used 'test' for the SARS-cov2 virus, namely (RT-PCR). The page shines a spotlight on an aspect of the technique known as 'Cycle Thresholds'. This is  intended as a menu of food for thought and external links for the purpose of knowledge and debate. Click for page ~ External link opens in new tab or windowCycle Thresholds in RT-PCR


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