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BLUE EYED SON by Gordon IrvingThis work is by the Scottish Artist Gordon Irving and is entitled


Gordon's artwork is very impressive. You can see examples of Gordon's artwork by clicking on this link -

CLICK HERE or on the picture. 


Peggy's Skylight

Bill Mann highly recommends the Nottingham venue Peggy's Skylight to lovers of great Jazz music and superb food. "Taking you on a culinary musical Journey... Live Jazz accompanied by a Middle Eastern inspired menu." Tap here or photo for website




MannofieldMusic Guitar Lessons West Bridgford Nottingham

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MannofieldMusic is moving to the West Bridgford area of Nottingham. Music shops in Nottingham are welcome to make a request for a link here to be included to their websites. 


MannofieldMusic Guitar Lessons West Bridgford Nottingham

Other more distant guitar and accessories shops.




Celtic Chords (Stonehaven)


120 Crown Street, Aberdeen AB11 6HN

(m) 07943 868913

Kenny's Music www.kennysmusic.co.uk/aberdeen 

On The Green, Aberdeen

Also on SPOTIFY...


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