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Bill Mann (Guitarist) is moving to  Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames, Greater London.

Bill would like to make contact with like-minded local musicians, particularly those who have experience in the field of jazz, blues, latin american, flamenco or classical.

This is with a view to possible future collaborations, duo, trio, quartet etc, and of course to pursue the prospect of casual gigs and/or concerts.

Instrumentalists in ANY instrument discipline in the field of Jazz are most welcome to make contact by email.

Instruments of special interest are: Bass (double bass), Piano (keys), Accordion, Woodwind (clarinet, flute or sax), and Guitar.

Guitarists who are proficient in Jazz, Classical, Traditional Latin American, and/or Flamenco are also welcome to get in touch.

Bill is also keen to know about venues that provide live music in the Surbiton, Kingston area, whether for casual gigs or concerts.

For background info', please see some of the other pages on this website, especially About Bill Mann and Freelance Guitarist.

To get in touch, please email - see the page Contact Bill Mann.

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