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Dr Bill Mann is looking for premises in (or near to) West Bridgford Nottingham. Dr Mann delivers private (home) tuition, teaching Classical Guitar.

The type of property may include a small flat or a secure room with a lock within larger premises or house.

Other types of premises may be considered like a secure room within a  church hall, community centre or arts studio. The room(s) would need to have adequate heating as well as access to water and toilet facilities.

Relatively easy car parking, whether on street or on site, as well as nearby access to public transport (bus or tram routes), would be advantageous.

The premises may be for hire or rent.

All scenarios considered...

Dr Mann hopes to commence tuition in 2019.

Additional notes ~

The Classical Guitar uses nylon strings and is one of the quietest musical instruments that exist. Therefore, no loud music.

There would be no group lessons, only traditional one-to-one tuition i.e  teacher and student. However, one parent would sit quietly in order to accompany a junior student.

It is considered that a few lessons (3 or 4) would be given to conscientious individual students on any given day between Monday and Saturday, and never after 9:00pm.

For background info', please see some of the other pages on this website, especially About Bill Mann and Freelance Guitarist.

To get in touch, please email - see the page Contact Bill Mann

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